Recognizing change and building the future

The time of the separated disciplines of the traditional engineering world with isolated technical solutions have long since passed. Today, topics that involve all areas of specialization are what drive us. We develop integrated solutions for our clients by working in a flexible, creative and connected manner.


Range of services


General planning     mehr Info...

As a supplier of almost all planning crafts in the construction sector, we are the perfect partner for you as the property owner for the entire realization phase of construction measures. COPLAN AG's range of services allows us to do without any subcontractors.

By employing a project manager who is in charge of the entire project as contact person, coordination is in one hand, thus reducing the property owner's efforts and any frictional losses.

Our clients make use of the advantages of general planning for the overall project management as well as for individual groups of crafts such as building construction and design, building management systems and the development of housing estates.

Architecture and design     mehr Info...

Commercial and industrial buildings
Public buildings
Housing construction
Landscape planning
Sustainable building
Planning with a view to the preservation of monuments
Land-use planning
Urban development
Structural design
Structural planning
Sound protection and building acoustics
Building Physics Analysis
Fire protection concepts

Modern building management systems     mehr Info...

Power engineering
Energy concepts
Heat generation plants
Renewable energy
Geothermal energy
Sanitary facilities
Measurement technology and automatic control engineering
Building automation
Medium voltage systems
Power installations
Lighting systems
Fire protection systems
Communication systems
Information technology
Safety engineering
Media planning
Materials handling technology

Infrastructure and environment     mehr Info...

Higher-level energy strategies
Energy utilization and distribution
Heating networks
Site development planning
Infrastructure planning for factories
Traffic concepts
Road and bridge planning
General engineering work
Water supply
Wastewater disposal
Wastewater treatment
Hydraulic engineering
Water development
Environmental compatibility
Geographic information systems
Waste management
Waste disposal site engineering

Surveying     mehr Info...

Engineering surveys
Setting out
As-built inventories
Monitoring surveys

Additional services     mehr Info...

General planning
Project management
Feasibility studies
DGNB auditing
Research and development
Customization according to international standards
Health and Safety Coordination