Local engineers for Quality Assurance services (QA)

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) maintains numerous construction sites in Europe. COPLAN AG supports and has supported the USACE personnel at construction sites in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Germany, and Estonia.

COPLAN AG provides local engineers fluent in English, experienced in the local construction codes, who perform Quality Assurance services (QA) during the construction phase.

  • They are mid-level or senior-level engineers with at least 10 years
    of experience in performing construction inspection. The engineers must
    have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, or equivalent, in their
    respective field.
  • The civil, mechanical or electrical engineers are fluent in speaking and writing English.
  • They are not required to obtain permission to work on confidential, secret, or top-secret documents.
  • The engineers work eight hours per day from Monday through Friday at construction site. 40 hours per week.