Environment and energy

The world/Germany is in the middle of the energy transition, and we are involved in the development of concepts and the realization of energy-optimized projects in many locations.

We make sure that energy potential is being utilized in a professional manner and find ways to involve the general public. We promote renewable resources and are also the perfect partner for realizing a photovoltaics plant on a waste disposal site. If you have questions on both central and decentralized supply systems, we are the ones with the right solution for you.

Environmental protection requires a good basis. We can give you this basis in the form of environmental impact studies, special assessments taking into account the laws governing the protection of species or water development plans for renaturation projects. Another area of our expertise is in the waste management sector and the operation of waste disposal sites. The issues here are potential hazards, post-treatment and modern technologies allowing for an optimized utilization of the resulting gases.



Waste water disposal     mehr Info...
Clarifier of the company sewage plant     mehr Info...

Contractor: Molkerei Meggle Wasserburg GmbH & Co. KG
Measure: New construction

Since sewage volumes increase every year and the company Meggle intends to drain all vapour condensate that is generated during production into its own sewage plant, the waste water treatment performance must be increased. To increase capacities, the existing sewage plant was extended by a new clarifier, a circular tank with horizontal flow with a diameter of 28 m. Additionally, new connections were planned to operate all tanks linked to each other. To guarantee optimum distribution, regulating and distributing constructions were planned as well.

Trades and work phases:
  • Preliminary investigation, planning and realization of civil engineering measures
  • Safety and health coordination (SiGeKo)
General drainage scheme Bad Griesbach     mehr Info...

Contractor: Bad Griesbach
Measure: General drainage scheme and geo information system

Calculation of the current condition of the sewer system with rain volumes that recur every two years. After the investigation, the sewers that are flooded in this scenario were defined as in need of renovation and the requirement was issued that they must meet the requirements of rain volumes recurring every three years.

Trades and work phases:
  • Tachymetric shaft survey
  • Development of a sewer register
  • Monitoring of the TV survey
  • Hydrodynamic sewer system calculation
  • Waste load calculation
  • State of construction evaluation
  • Renovation concept
Water supply     mehr Info...
Water tank renovation Ebersberg     mehr Info...

Contractor: Ebersberg
Measure: Renovation

The inside of the water tank Ebersberg was renovated to increase the supply safety and to guarantee hygienic conditions. The inner surfaces of the water tank (3,000 m3) had been damaged by hydrolysis and had to be renovated. The tubing of the water tank was removed during renovation and pickled in a full bath. The existing coating on the inside surfaces of the water tank was removed with high pressure water jets and damage to the concrete and reinforcement repaired where necessary. Subsequently, a new mineral coating was applied.

Trades and work phases:
  • Concept for renovation
  • Civil engineering works: WPH 1 – 9
Construction of waste disposal sites     mehr Info...
Waste disposal Steinmühle Mitterteich     mehr Info...

Contractor: District Tirschenreuth
Measure: Bottom and surface sealing

The Steinmühle waste disposal is a class I waste disposal for household and industrial waste of approx. 20 ha. The entire project was divided into several sections to modernize the landfill to the current state-of-the-art standard. The building measures for the bottom and surface sealing were carried out with Trisoplast and a filter layer from different materials (gravel and drainage membrane).

Trades and work phases:
  • Bottom sealing: WPH 1 – 9
  • Surface sealing: WPH 1 – 4
Mathiasgrube Schwandorf waste disposal     mehr Info...

Contractor: Special purpose association waste management Schwandorf
Measure: Bottom and surface sealing

The waste disposal in Schwandorf has a total area of 17 ha and is a class I as well as class II waste disposal. It contains household waste, industrial waste and construction waste. The challenge of the project was that the large open surfaces generated the corresponding amount of seepage water and that at the same time the surface of the waste disposal had to be used. A further element of the project was the new construction, the drilling and the renovation of three seepage water pumping shafts. A special feature of this waste disposal was the bottom drainage and waste disposal gas monitoring carried out with selective passive gas collection of methane oxidation.

Trades and work phases:
  • Planning and project monitoring of the surface sealing: WPH 2 – 9
Waste management     mehr Info...
Waste transfer station Eisenach     mehr Info...

Contractor: Special purpose association for waste management Southwest Thuringia
Measure: New construction

Transfer of waste from refuse collection vehicles, industrial suppliers etc. into the flat bunker or directly into the containers for further transport with conventional trucks. The new build consists of a transfer hall, weighing station, 15 transport containers, excavator with waste recovery grab, truck with hook lift system as well as an office and staff building.

Trades and work phases:
  • Construction planning: WPH 1 – 9
  • Structural planning: WPH 1 – 6
  • Electrical engineering and elevator technology: WPH 1 – 9
  • Building services engineering: WPH 1 – 9
  • Outdoor installations: WPH 1 – 9
  • Installations for road traffic: WPH 1 – 9
  • Constructions/plants for sewage disposal: WPH 1 – 9
  • Constructions/plants for water supply: WPH 1 – 9
Disposal and recycling center Passau-Hellersberg     mehr Info...

Contractor: Special purpose association Waste management Donau-Wald GmbH
Measure: New construction

The new construction of the disposal and recycling center Passau-Hellersberg is a logistic waste management center for the southern area of the special purpose association for waste management (approx. 260,000 people). The new premise consists of the reception with sorting and improved transport for recyclable materials, hazardous and toxic waste. There is also room for the composting of organic waste from compost bins and garden waste as well as for construction waste processing.

Trades and work phases:
  • Planning of the entire plant
  • Call for tender for the construction of machines and the structures
  • Awarding of the services construction supervision
  • Local construction supervision
  • Surveying
Energy plans     mehr Info...
Energy utilization plan for the district Straubing-Bogen     mehr Info...

Contractor: District Straubing-Bogen
Measure: Energy utilization plan

Energy utilization plan for the district Straubing-Bogen with 37 municipalities. During the construction, a property and potential analysis was carried out and a concept developed to realize the implementation. In a following workshop, it was possible to answer questions about central and decentral options for heat supply as well as the question about the economic feasibility of various measures. As a result four concrete measures were worked on in a second expert workshop to bring them closer to implementation.

Trades and work phases:
  • Scope of services care and development plan
    In cooperation with bifa environmental institute, Augsburg
Energy coaching for 16 communities     mehr Info...

Contractor: Federal State of Bavaria, government of Upper Bavaria
Measure: Consultation

“Energy coaching for 16 communities” included information and consultation on the property analysis, town planning and local planning analysis, possibilities from saving energy and increasing the energy efficiency and possibilities for energy supply. On the basis of the property analysis and the results from workshops recommendations, potentials and implementation strategies were developed.

Trades and work phases:
  • Energy coaching
Energy parks     mehr Info...
High-tech eco solar park Süd near Haag     mehr Info...

Contractor: Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection, GAB mbH
Measure: Conceptual study

Development of a conceptual study (ecological, technological and pedagogical) as well as technical preliminary planning for the construction of the high-tech eco solar park Süd. The premises of the former waste disposal Schachenwald near Haag in Upper Bavaria was selected as suitable area for this purpose. The objective was the high-profile support and promotion of photovoltaic technology. The aim of the project was to achieve the goal of the Bavarian government’s energy concept “Energie innovativ” which is to increase the proportion of energy from photovoltaic technology in Bavaria from 4 % to 16 % by 2021.

Trades and work phases:
  • Infrastructure facilities solar and environmental route
Solar park Bayern     mehr Info...

Contractor: PowerLight Corporation California
Measure: PV system

At the international general assembly of POWER-GEN in Las Vegas, USA, in 2005 the solar park Bayern, the world’s largest photovoltaic project, was awarded the US journal’s prize for “Best Renewable Project”. The project has three subprojects in Mühlhausen (36,000 modules on 22 ha), Günching (11,340 modules on 7 ha) as well as Minihof (10,800 modules on 5.7 ha) and generates a power of approximately 10 MW.

Trades and work phases:
  • Plot preparation, construction
  • Electrical engineering in cooperation with PowerLight Corporation: WPH 1 – 3, 5 – 9
  • Adaptation to German standards
  • Coordination with “Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems”