We take responsibility

Taking responsibility means living sustainability. The first step towards realizing this principle was to train an employee as auditor at "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen" (DGNB) (German Sustainable Building Council). This means that we are now able to follow the integral approach of life cycle assessment when working on a project.

We set up our company headquarters according to its strict requirements, making us the first rehabilitation project in Germany certified according to DGNB with gold assessment.

Beyond this, sustainability for us means to carefully maintain existing resources instead of replacing them. The exemplary implementation of this approach during the construction of our new company headquarters was awarded the prize for the preservation of monuments by Bayerische Ingenieurekammer-Bau (Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers).

The concept of sustainability is also part of our daily business activities, for example when it comes to the energy consumption of our vehicle fleet. And we place great importance in modern, environmentally friendly equipment and material that saves resources.

COPLAN als Arbeitgeber Award ceremony of the prize for the preservation of monuments for the COPLAN headquarters in Gern
001-2Sustain-cont2Sustainability criteria according to DGNB
COPLAN als Arbeitgeber Certification of the company headquarters
COPLAN als Arbeitgeber The charging point for electrical vehicles of the COPLAN fleet is located on our premises.
Quality requires a strategy     mehr Info...

Our quality management system (QMS) has been certified since 2001. The new DIN ISO 9001:2015 has been in force since September 2016. The new standard is much more orientated on the practical side of things. Risk management has come to the fore, and the focus is now much more on everything associated with organization.

At COPLAN, quality assurance means to act methodically and not leave anything to chance. The ongoing optimization of the QMS results in a continuous improvement process (CIP). In this process, we work with check lists, but also with personal talks at the end of a project in order to analyze the processes in the management review.

Standards in the project processes

Using intelligent software ensures we stick to both deadlines and costs. The project-specific and systematic administration of our clients' data helps us to consistently track and monitor projects. Predetermined process steps for the technical realization, our project coordination and our quality assurance guarantee our standards.

ZQuality assurance certified according to 
DIN ISO 9001:2015 Quality assurance certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015
Employees – the basis for quality     mehr Info...

Ensuring quality means above all ensuring qualification.

We rely on high-quality training and the wide spectrum of professions in our company. The continuing education of our employees means our know-how expands all the time. Networking across all disciplines helps us to think outside the box.

Developing our employees' personality is an essential part of our personnel strategy. We train our employees on how to lead properly and how to control processes, just as we instruct them on moderation and communication techniques.

COPLAN Mitarbeiter
Social involvement     mehr Info...

Active involvement in associations is a matter of course for us. Be it the members of the board, executives or employees, many of us are involved in associations and organizations. COPLAN's members of the Board of Management, Stephan Weber (Member of the Board of the German Association of Consulting Engineers, VBI) and Dr. Martin Steger (Member of the Bavarian Chamber of Engineers), take the lead.

We enjoy passing on our experiences and our knowledge in order to bring a part of COPLAN's corporate know-how to society, for example through various expert lectures or in the context of teaching assignments at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and the Technical University of Munich.

Giving young people a glimpse into the industry

COPLAN supports surrounding schools and offers traineeships in all areas of the company. Numerous pupils take the opportunity to get to know the different professions at COPLAN. Wherever possible, we also cooperate directly with classes and courses. This approach leads to an above-average commitment as a company providing apprenticeship training.

If it is not our know-how that is being sought-after, but rather support in one form or another, we also act as sponsors. We make our decisions deliberately and support both projects in our immediate vicinity and NGOs acting worldwide.

We are involved in numerous humanitarian aid organizations We are involved in numerous humanitarian aid organizations.
Prizewinners of the German youth science competition Prizewinners of the German youth science competition "Jugend forscht" visit COPLAN: stress test for the pasta bridge.