COPLAN as employer

Our employees are our capital. This is why it is a matter of course for us to offer our team the best options possible for work, family and leisure time.

Through our annual feedback, our employees have the opportunity to offer suggestions and praise, but also criticism. We are proud that the working atmosphere at our company is repeatedly assessed as being "very good".

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COPLAN as employer

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At COPLAN AG, you can be both an employee and – at least to some degree – also owner of the company. How does that work? By purchasing shares of the company. These shares are not traded on the free market and are offered only to our employees.

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All our equipment is up-to-date and well thought-out, making it efficient without any unnecessary frills. Whether software, network, communication or vehicle fleet – we have everything we need. The greatest degree of flexibility possible when it comes to work and leisure time is possible through annual working time accounts and flexible working hours.

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Developing our employees' personality is an essential part of our personnel strategy. We train our employees on how to lead properly and how to control processes, just as we instruct them on moderation and communication techniques. We consider methodology and expert knowledge to be core competencies that have to be continuously further developed and promoted.